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Thank you so much for visiting the BDEAL Foundation Website! I’m so happy to give you an overview of what the Foundation stands for, why and how it started, and how you can help.
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B.Deal foundation

The BDEAL Foundation (aka the Buffi Duberman Education and Language Foundation) was founded spontaneously and on the spot when I was working as a volunteer teacher in the north of Bali in 2019.

Teaching English and developing innovative educational materials is one of my biggest passions, and when I was standing before a group of highly motivated young people who were full of questions, energy, and enthusiasm, but sharing pencils and notebooks, my teacher’s heart told me that I had to jump in and help as much as I could, and so I did, and the BDEAL Foundation was born.

English education is essential in this area, as young people need it for their future, which is mostly in the tourism sector – working in hotels, restaurants, or cruise ships. Having a good start in English at a young age and continuing to activate it throughout their education is crucial to securing a good job and expanding your career opportunities.

Our aim is to help with (English) education in the north of Bali, by providing support in the form of materials and volunteer teachers. I am also working with students at the Hogeschool Rotterdam to create lesson materials for high school and university students on Bali, and am very excited about the enthusiasm of the students and the teachers, and so grateful for their continued support in creating lesson materials. Other people have taught as a volunteer while on vacation in the north of Bali, and countless others have generously donated money to buy lesson and classroom materials, which can range from pens and notebooks to whiteboards, projectors and laptops.

Another goal is to set up a scholarship fund where people can provide financial aid for financially disadvantaged students. The annual fee is (approximately) 50 euros a year to attend high school, and a school uniform is 112 euros. Many students cannot afford this fee and I am determined to help them continue their education, without a financial burden on their families.

We are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 74808052
Bank account: NL 07INGB 0006 8003 70

The schools we support


Sidetapa English Corner

A newly-founded English lesson program for 300 young children, run by over 30 volunteers.

We support the English corner by developing materials (games, flashcards, exercises) for young children and buying notebooks, pens, whiteboards, etc for their classroom.

Visit Sidetapa English Corner website

SMK N 1 Seririt

A high school located in Singaraja, with nearly 1000 students.

We support this high school by buying projectors and laptops, and creating lesson materials for their students, who will be working in the tourism sector. We are also developing a scholarship fund for the most needy students.

Visit SMK N1 Seririt website

About me

I have spent the past 25 years putting my heart and soul into improving and changing how people learn English in the Netherlands. This is my story. In February 2019 I went to Bali. Alone. To teach English. I didn’t know where the school was. I didn’t know who my students were. I didn’t know what the plan was. And I was scared. But I knew one thing. I had to go. I made a promise to myself. Eventually I ended up teaching hundreds of students. And a cow.

How you can help

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